Jalisco, Mexico

Jalisco is known around the world for it's tequila, mariachi and el Son de La Negra.

♪♫Tara ra ra ra ra ra ra tara ra ra ra ra ra ra ♪♫

Jalisco is the birthplace of mariachis -- orchestras with trumpets, acoustics, and violins. The typical dress from Jalisco is called an Escaramuza dress for skirt wearers and el traje charro (con su sombrero y corbata) for pant wearers. Both are ranchero designs with an indigenous influence. The skirt attire consists of a double vuelo skirt that makes waves with stripes in the middle that form a star. It has more stripes at the bottom end and a blouse with a high collar that also has embroidered stripes.

Jarabes are the best known Jalisco dances. They highlight courtship and are very flirtatious. Modern choreography consists of multiple couples with synchronized movement dancing these sones. Because Jalisco's folklore is the trademark of Mexico throughout the world, Jalisco is generally included in all Mexican folklore representations. Some of these dances include: el Jarabe Tapatio, el Son de las Alazanas and el Son de La Negra.

Our group performs several representations of these Jarabes & Jalisco-based dances.

Shout outs to our current WestSide Dancers & our alumni too!

Westside Dance Staff