Chiapas, Mexico

The complete Chiapas women outfit is the blouse, skirt, shoes, xicalpextle, and braid, earrings, reboso and collars. The xicalpextle is a typical craft from the state with stamped flowers. The dress fabric is usually black, but they also have a version with the white satin fabric. The flowers on the dress are hand embroidered by the local women in Chiapa de Corzo, and more than work, they consider the making of dresses a pass-time. The original simpler version of the dress was used as an everyday garment by women in the region. #balletfolklórico #Mexico #folkloricohistory #folklorico #lostrajes#trajestipicos #Chiapas #Chiapanecas 📸 Special shoutout to our alumni dancers: Vanessa & Lily and current dancer Natalia ♥️🥰💃🏽

Photography by: Flawur Media and Miriam Flores

Westside Dance Staff